Paris Stories ~ Spring Courses 2018


Édouard Manet, Luncheon on the Grass, 1865

Here are fascinating options for exploring PARIS STORIES next spring!

The officially-linked Paris Stories course for Spring 2018 is the newly reworked Art 241. ** Note all 200-level Art History courses now fulfill the FA1 requirement.

ART 241 (FA1)–Modern Art & Architecture (T/Th 12-1:20):  This course, taught by Heidi Kraus with contributions by Lauren Janes, is a chronological survey of Modern art, architecture, and urban design in Europe and America from approximately 1750 to 1900. While many survey courses on Modern art start in the second half of the nineteenth-century, this course consciously chooses to begin our investigation in the eighteenth-century with the Enlightenment—a period that, in many ways, laid the foundation for modernism.  Modern art in particular can be understood as a reaction to the aesthetic, cultural, social, and political contexts in which they were made. As such, competing art theories and aesthetic debates will be critically examined within a historical methodological approach. Emphasis will also be placed on the impact of the Middle East, China, and Japan on art of the period—specifically how the East and Orientalism has been visually represented in Western art, architecture, literature, and media since the nineteenth-century. Writing, research and engagement with primary sources, active class discussion, museum visits, and the use of digital media will be integral elements of the course.  


History and Memory in Algeria and France: Algerian stamp commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the 1961 massacre of Algerian protesters in Paris.

History 321–The Making of Modern Africa (T/Th 3-4:20): This is not a Paris Stories linked course, though it will be of interest for students who want to know more about issues of colonialism, race, and identity in France, all questions raised in IDS172, Prof. Kraus’ FYS, and during the Paris May Term.  The class examines Africa since 1940 through a series of case studies examining the process and legacy of decolonization. Our main case study will be Algeria, Nigeria, and South Africa. Our unit on Algeria will delve deeply into the Algerian War (as it was called by the French) or War of Independence (as it is known in Algeria) and its impacts on both Algeria and France. We’ll read some of the great Francophone thinkers on decolonization:  Memmi and Fanon.  

REMEMBER – you can apply now for the Paris May Term: Art, History, & Global Citizenship in Paris.  This year you can take our combined history/art history course (for CHII OR FA1 credit), an upper-level history or art history course, or a senior seminar. Come experience the place where all these Paris Stories happen!

Applications due Nov. 29.  Admissions and financial aid decisions in early December.

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